The most recent scientific studies on nutrition consider breakfast the most important meal of the day with regard to physical well-being, as the first one consumed after hours of fasting, and closely linked to the proper functioning of the metabolism.

All over the world, breakfast eaters tend to use healthy and organic products such as: cereals, animal and vegetable proteins, fresh and dried fruits, baked goods accompanied by beverages such as tea, coffee, cappuccino, infusions, herbal teas, fruit and vegetable centrifuges, and honey.

Many of these organic, natural and intolerant products can be found at the booths of exhibiting companies at Sana.

The BREAKFAST events area, now in its second year, has a rich schedule animated by professionals in the sector with moments of in-depth discussions also on the general well-being of the person starting with healthy eating.

Cooking demos will be run by Chef Sara Giulia Tommasi who will prepare 'The Sweet Breakfast' and 'The Savory Breakfast' and by well-known organic bartender Marco Dalbona, Barman&Natura, ECO BIO Confesercenti teacher and trainer, who will focus on Daily Fermentations for Breakfast with Yogurt, Kefir, Tibicos, Kombucha and on Extracts, Green Smoothies and Smoothies : Vegetables at Breakfast.


2023 Programme