September 2019



Saturday 7 Semptember 2019, 10.00am to 12.00pm

SALA SUITE Centro Servizi, 1° floor, Block D


After three brief initial reports that focus on problems and perspectives related to the choice of eco-solutions, the participants of the conference are invited to tell their own experience on how a good eco-sustainable packaging can help to sell more and better.


The three initial reports are by:


Patrizia Perego, of the Food Engineering Lab of the Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (DICCA) of the University of Genoa: The research group studies the valorization of residues from the agri-food industry from which to extract with unconventional methods noble molecules to produce drugs , cosmetics and bio-packaging.

Massimo Zonca, Packaging and Expert Process Technologies, deals with the problem of adopting biomaterials for packaging and in general what it means to change the approach to packaging according to environmental sustainability objectives.

Antonella Simone, financial analyst and founding member of EXSSA, analyzes the environmental function of packaging in the direction of eco design, to prevent it from turning into waste instead making it an asset.



The moderator of the conference is Luca Maria De Nardo, editor of COM.PACK.




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