September 2019



Monday, 9 September 2019, 10:00 – 13:00

SALA BOLERO Centro Servizi, 1st Floor, Block B


According to a Nielsen survey, some 73% of global consumers are willing to change their spending habits in order to reduce their environmental impact, and are demanding healthier food for themselves and the planet.


SANA will be shining the spotlight on numerous compelling issues and actions that can be taken in every field (from farming to manufacturing, and from distribution to waste disposal) to safeguard the environment. Agriculture is one of the foremost areas where opting for organic is becoming a game changer.


Organic farming using organic fertilisers and banning the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers can increase the biodiversity of the soil and raise the concentration of microorganisms. This, along with other eco-friendly choices such as crop rotation and protecting local plant varieties, can generate much greater environmental benefits than obtaining the same agricultural output using conventional farming methods.


The conference "Environmental sustainability: best practices in support of organic farming" seeks to highlight the many initiatives (some well-known, others less so) and best practices that, together with the decision to adopt organic farming practices, are contributing towards safeguarding the environment and significantly reducing CO2 emissions.



-   Giampiero Calzolari (President, BolognaFiere)

-   Simona Caselli (Emilia Romagna Councillor for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing)

-   Gianni Castelli (ARERA Component – Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment)


Evidence and concrete actions to reduce environmental impacts:


1) in the large-scale retail trade:

-   Chiara Faenza – Head of Sustainability and Innovation values – Department of Quality-Coop Italia - (Coop : Let's give the environment a new footprint)

-   Fabio Brescacin – President - NaturaSi


2) in agriculture (agreement between Assobioplatiche and FederBio):

-   Paolo Carnemolla – President, FederBio Servizi

-   Marco Versari – President, Assobioplastiche


3) in packaging:

-   Guido Amato – Director, Owens Illinois - (Facility in Asti for producing glass bottles from recycled glass in the Lombardy region) 4) in the foodservice sector

-   Simone Gozzi – Head of Integrated Systems and Nutrition, CAMST (SANA “plastic-free “project at BolognaFiere)


Environmental and social performance: B-Corporation certification

-   Nicolas Schilder - Nativa S.r.l. Benefit Company 


Moderator: to be decided