June 2022

Nutrition affects the well-being of humans and the environment.

Sustainable Gastronomy Day is celebrated today. We are what we eat. And the environment is also what we eat.

Sustainable Gastronomy Day was established by the UN to raise awareness of the value of food, nutrition and waste reduction among the world's population.

Italy is a world leader in gastronomy with the largest number of recognized PDO and PGI specialties, traditional food products preserved and cooked sustainably throughout the Peninsula. National leadership is confirmed by the success of the Mediterranean diet, recognized as a UNESCO intangible heritage.

The future of gastronomy, understood not as a collection of simple culinary techniques but seen as a reality around which the community gathers to act responsibly and sustainably, is one of the focuses of SANA. The International Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products will return to celebrate all these food-related values from September 8 to 11 in Bologna.