July 2023

In the mountains of Val di Fiemme, in Trentino, Al Naturale was born, an herbal laboratory specialized in the processing of honey and propolis. Al Naturale offers a wide range of natural products, from food supplements to natural cosmetics.

What are your strengths?
Al Naturale is a company that produces food supplements and cosmetics using beehive products in combination with plant extracts and essential oils. The importance that the bee has for us and for the environment in which we live is a strong point of our corporate philosophy.
Al Naturale is able to create the right synergy between high quality raw materials and organic products from the hive, thus creating exclusive and captivating recipes for both our brands and private labels.

How do you combine the value of sustainability and what actions have you taken to reduce the impact on the environment? What certifications or awards have you obtained for your sustainable practices?
The quality of the organic raw materials we use is fundamental: all our products are 100% Italian and the Al Naturale laboratory is certified organic. Close to the environment, we try to use everything the beehive can offer in our production cycle, from pollen to propolis, from honey to royal jelly, reducing product waste as much as possible. Our products are natural, rich in active ingredients from beehive products and medicinal plants and environmentally friendly: what characterizes us is the quality of Made in Italy!

In companies, the role of women is increasingly decisive. Can yours be defined as a female enterprise? If yes, how?
Currently, the company seems to have achieved an unprecedented balance and harmony. Could the fact of having only women in the company be a strength? It could be. The climate is jovial and serene, we joke, but everyone knows his role well and what his duties are. We are collaborative, never competitive, there is cooperation between everyone, just like bees.

What's new for 2023?
Among the company news of 2023 the obtaining of organic certification also for cosmetics.
In terms of products, two lines have been developed, one dedicated to large-scale distribution and one to BeVigor sport. The company has also participated in international trade fairs with the aim of making itself known and expanding its presence on the market.