July 2023

A reality that is honored to belong to the Casentino, a district in the province of Arezzo, which is dedicated to the processing of creams, balms, oils, perfumes and other skin care products, made with care by Benedictine monks.

How does the work of the Ancient Pharmacy of the Camaldolese Monks distinguish itself?
The Antica Farmacia is a 'historic' brand in the cosmetics sector. Now we have decided to make a clear leap in quality, trying to combine, without compromise, the millenary tradition of monastic wisdom in cultivating the "simple" ones, with the most modern discoveries and production techniques, preserving naturalness and purity.

What does the Ancient Pharmacy of the Camaldolese Monks specialize in? How does the company deal with the issue of sustainability?
We have lived for 1,000 years in the heart of the Casentino Forest; our ancestors helped protect and preserve the land. The Antica Farmacia dei Monaci Camaldolesi specializes in cosmetic products, but also deals with food, liqueurs, wines and publishing. In these areas, sustainability manifests itself in respect for the environment, in local productions, in the use of natural and certified BIO ingredients, in artisanal production.

What's new for 2023?
The Antica Farmacia dei Monaci Camaldolesi lands on the high-end cosmetics market, making its debut at SANA 23 (Bologna) with a line of skin care products, “Camaldoli HighLights”. Objective: to reach new market segments with high quality and Natrue certified natural products. Over time, the first Eau de Parfum, "Bethany", will be joined by 5 other fragrances that will celebrate the Forest and the Bible.