July 2023

Brazzale Distribution is a Vicenza-based company engaged in the distribution and sale of natural and organic cosmetics for the herbal and pharmaceutical sector.

What are the strengths of Brazzale Distribution?
Brazzale Distribution is an Italian company engaged in the distribution and sale of cosmetics with a high percentage of natural active ingredients, with the aim of demonstrating that taking care of your skin with up to 99% natural products can be more effective than using of synthesis. The company's cosmetics represent the result of the encounter between the power of nature and the effectiveness of modern technologies.

How do you combine the value of sustainability and what actions have you taken to reduce the impact on the environment? What certifications or awards have you obtained for your sustainable practices?
The brands we distribute represent the encounter between the strength of natural active ingredients and the most modern cosmetic technologies. Our lines contain extracts from organic farming where possible and are free from mineral oils, PEGs, silicones or contaminants. The VEGAN, VEGAN OK and CRUELTY FREE certifications, the recycled and recyclable packaging, which minimize the use of plastic and paper, the formulations containing certified organic extracts and free of pollutants, represent our eco-sustainability. We intend to promote the balance between our lifestyle and the environment around us.

What's new for 2023?
During 2023 we launched the new sunscreen line with the Resibo brand, which uses the latest generation of photostable organic filters, combined with natural and organic active ingredients. Effective, comfortable to use and more ecological for the marine environment and for our skin.